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Visual Impairments

“Visual impairment including blindness means an impairment in vision that, even with correction, adversely affects a child’s educational performance. The term includes both partial sight and blindness.”

Based on clinical measures of…

  1. Visual Acuity: clarity / sharpness of vision

  2. Visual Field: range in which objects can be seen centrally / peripherally


Did you know

Low-incidence disability due to infrequency

  • Occurs in less 0.5% of all children w/ disabilities

  • 14 million people age 12+ have some sort of vision impairment, 11 million of these people have corrective lenses

  • 60,393 legally blind children between 0-21 (American Printing House for the Blind - Report in 2016)

More about VI

  • Socially more isolated and less assertive than other children

  • Experiences must be gained by using the remaining senses, especially touch and hearing

  • Learn to travel safely and efficiently in the environment using a variety of orientation and mobility skills (i.e., competencies for traveling safely and efficiently through one’s environment) and tools, such as the long cane

  • Even with effective mobility skills, they still have some level of detachment from the environment because vision disables immediate and direct control of the environment.

  • Use a variety of alternative media and tools for reading and writing, depending on their individual needs. They may use braille or an alternative form of print.

Categories of Visual Impairment.jpeg

- Industries of the Blind, Inc.

Breakdown of Common Causes of VI

--> When problems exist in the structure / functioning of the eye

--> When eye is damaged through illness / injury

--> When neurological problem prevents communication between the brain and the eye

What does this mean

City Map with Braille

Range & Variety of Experiences

are gained by using touch and hearing!

Competencies for Traveling

safely and efficiently through one's environment using a variety of orientation and skills!

Use of Technology Tools

can be utilized to enhance learning experience!

Response to Intervention

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